About Us

We are a group of people from various evangelical churches working together since 2012 to achieve the spiritual, physical, economic and social liberation of sexual exploitation victims in the city of Rome and in the region of Lazio.

The non-for-profit Evangelical association Città Aperta formally supports the project Schiavitù Mai Più (Slavery No More). Schiavitù Mai Più is also affiliated with the Alleanza Tesori Raggianti onlus (Radiant Treasures Alliance), which is a member of the European Freedom Network.

Our Values

Faith, compassion, prayer, collaboration and excellence are the values on which Schiavitù Mai Più is founded.

Our bible-based Christian faith, guides all our work, giving us the motivation and discernment that lead us into action. We fully share the World Evangelical Alliance’s declaration of faith.

Just as we have experienced Christ’s compassion in our personal lives, so we wish to extend it to the victims of sexual exploitation. True  compassion is truthful, patient and determined.

We recognize that this battle not only goes beyond our capacities but also extends beyond the physical and social realm. Our prayers go to our
Creator and Sovereign God for his sustenance, guidance and intercession in this spiritual war.

We believe in the importance of teamwork in every aspect of our mission. SMP is ready to work with people and communities that share our vision and respect our values, and we commit to find the most appropriate ways to cooperate in each situation.

We aspire to operate to the maximum of our capabilities at an operational, organizational and administrative level. In addition, SMP desires to continuously improve our service and are aware that investment in excellence will pay off in the long term.